New site design

Today, I launched the new site design. It still runs off of a self-hosted WordPress installation, but the theme is built with Angular 2.

The foundation is based off of a great primer by Stuart Kenzel. It utilizes the second version of the WordPress Rest API plugin, and using Angular-CLI.

I did add a couple of features to the base setup, including pagination for page and post lists.

The theme isn’t completely finished. Consider this a MVP+. I want to fix some of the transition jank and implement support for categories, tags and the like. I’m not in love with how I handled the fixed right rail, and there’s too much static content in my template file for my taste. WordPress has dynamic menus, but the API doesn’t support them as of yet. I also want to add a featured block so that things like this don’t get bumped down by the Instagram photos that get auto-posted here.

Once I hammer out a few more details, I’ll put my basic theme on Github for review, mocking, and general entertainment.