Backyard invasion

It's proud brother and friend time. The good people at Angry Pizza Entertainment--including my sister, Jen, and good friends John and Jesse--have released their first handheld game. In Backyard Invasion, you help Alfie fend off an alien onslaught with fireworks. Download it, play it, and enjoy the music, done by yours truly. Sell music on itunes at

July 7, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It's been a pretty eventful winter. In December, I was excited to be named Product Manager at With the transition period between front-end developer and product manager waning, it should be fun spring. Also, some friends and family are building an Android game, and I've been working on the backing music. Normally I would spend the Sunday of St. Patrick's watching The Quiet Man while cleaning up after our…

March 16, 2014

Big Wreck, “Albatross”

My wife got me into Big Wreck when we first started dating, and I've enjoyed their first two albums, as well as debut album from frontman Ian Thornley's band, Thornley. I just started listening to Big Wreck's most recent album, Albatross, and it is my favorite of the bunch. The gap between the better tracks and the rest of the album has closed with each album I have heard (I…

April 10, 2013

Kevin Gordon, ‘Colfax’

post-kevin-gordonEarlier this summer, I plopped down some money to pre-order/sponsor Kevin Gordon's soon-to-be-latest album, "Gloryland." I have been told the pre-order is shipping soon, and while digging around his site, I came across a live performance of "Colfax," a song from the upcoming album. I saw it was ten minutes long, and didn't expect to sit through the whole video knowing there was all kinds of important things like status updates and fantasy football teams that needed tending. I clicked play.

November 29, 2011

Getting iTunes to play nice with .m3u playlists

post-gomezSeveral years ago, I mysteriously lost half of my library in iTunes. With an email to support, I was able to get most of my purchases, but as this was the pre-cloud era, DRM prevented me from getting it all back. I was told to like it or lump it. So, I lumped it. That was the last time I bought something from the iTunes Store. I started fresh, converted my purchases to MP3, re-ripped our library in Windows Media Player (complete with multiple genres reference from Wikipedia), and 739 albums later, we were back in business.

November 27, 2011