How to Train Your Dragon: Ten years later

I lost track of how many times my son watched the original How To Train Your Dragon movie. The conservative estimate is well over 50 times within the first year of its DVD release. Sure, this was not the first time a kid wanted a favorite show on repeat, nor would it be the last. What surprised me was that I was right there next to him for nearly every showing, and nearly all of those viewings were voluntary.

March 26, 2020

Review: Roll For It!

I am a big fan of board games as an alternative to video games for kids, especially in the post-Catan tabletop era. And while my boys will never choose board games over electronics, they do appreciate the Catans, Tickets to Ride, Clanks! and Forbidden Islands of the world. (Sadly, however, not Carcassone, but that's another story.) While these games are fun, it still can take 5-10 minutes to set or…

July 24, 2019